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About Bright Young Music

Weddings, engagements, parties, whatever the occasion, we believe there is no substitute for a great live band.

Bright Young Music are Melbourne's newest and brightest wedding and corporate entertainment agency, offering radiant live music solutions that will make your event stand out from the crowd.

Unlike other entertainment agencies, Bright Young Music is owned and operated by professional working musicians. We love to play music and we love to share it with the world. Our boutique service is personalised and flexible and we tailor a unique music solution to your event. Our service ranges from intimate background music to be served with cocktails to a swinging dance floor complete with charleston lessons for your guests, and plenty in between.

Our musicians are all highly trained professionals who play together regularly and are skilled in a range of styles, from jazz to pop favourites. We specialise in setlists that are a little left of centre, and while other wedding bands play covers straight from the radio our musicians shine with their unique arrangements of dance floor classics that will keep your guests surprised and talking about the music long after the party is over.

At your event we provide high quality sound equipment and well curated between-set music. And to top it off our musicians are all simply great people who will be a pleasure to work with on the day.

We're a pretty connected group, and if you have any special music requirements beyond our regular bands - an opera singer, string quartet or long distance yodeler perhaps - we can probably tee that up too.

To discuss how our bands can fit into your event email or contact Erica
on 0405 187 173.

Bright Young Band

Our one size fits all solution (but certainly no compromise)

Many couples looking for wedding music want a group that can move seamlessly from sophisticated background jazz at the beginning of the evening to a fun, danceable set once the champagne has started flowing.

Led by vocalist Erica Bramham, our house band will fit in with the mood of your event as it progresses. The size of the band is determined by your requirements and budget, and can include a solo or duo act to play during your wedding ceremony with the full band joining for the reception. If you prefer a male vocalist just let us know, as we have some great singers ready to step in.

We are not your run of the mill cover band, and although our repertoire includes jazz, funk, soul and pop favourites, our arrangements ensure that while the music is familiar it is unique to your event. Any special music requests for your ceremony or first dance can also be included in our set.

Most clients usually choose a duo or trio for softer background music and a quartet or quintet for a bigger, dance floor friendly sound. The band includes a combination of vocals, piano, guitar, bass, drums and saxophone or trumpet, and the lineup can be designed by you or left up to us.

Bright Young Band

Blue Nile

Blue Nile

Instrumental music at its finest

The hard working wallflowers of the Bright Young family, Blue Nile are our instrumental jazz ensemble. The group are perfect for classy background entertainment when your guests' conversation is of paramount importance. Playing a mix of laid back and upbeat jazz and latin classics, Blue Nile are usually booked as a duo, trio or quartet. The lineup generally includes guitar or keyboard with bass, plus one or a combination of drums, saxophone and trumpet.

If you still want to let your guests cut loose on the dance floor, Blue Nile can be booked to open the evening with a vocalist joining them part way through to play tunes from Bright Young Music's party songbook.

Blue Nile Quartet

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Apple Ida

and her Cider Press Band

Great gatsby jazz to dance you back to the roaring 20s

Specialising in the authentic hot jazz sound of the 1920s and 30s, Apple Ida is perfect for your Great Gatsby themed event. The band are great as an intimate acoustic corner act, or let them plug in for a red hot sound that will get your dance floor swinging.

A trained dancer and expert teacher, Apple Ida can also include a beginner charleston lesson for you and your guests. This is the perfect way to break the ice and get everyone out of their chairs and onto the dance floor, plus there's nothing quite like dancing to a live band.

The Cider Press Band can play as a duo, trio, quartet or quintet, depending on your budget and requirements.

Apple Ida & Her Cider Press Band

Apple Ida Duo

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Romantic South American music

Beija-Flor Guitar Duo connects the romance and passion of Argentinean Tango with the soulful and hypnotic rhythms of Brazil and Venezuela, to create a beautiful and exciting sound. The duo has a large repertoire which they are continually adding to and are happy to tailor sets of music to your taste, whether you require a lively dance set, songs by special request or serene background guitar music.

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Funky instrumental trio

L.A.A. is a collaboration between pianist Louise Goh, bassist Adam Spiegl and drummer Adam Coad. The trio play funky instrumental music that sits perfectly in the background or foreground of a stylish and modern function. Playing a tasteful mix of jazz, latin and soul tunes the trio are a lively addition to corporate events, weddings and parties.


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Dear Erica & the Bright Young Band,
We both really appreciate all your hard work before and during our wedding day. You were all amazing and made our night. So many people have commented on how great you were, so thank you!

- Mr and Mrs Hesketh, 2015

Dear Erica,
Thank you so much for making my birthday so special. Your music was divine and you have the most beautiful voice. Everyone absolutely loved it. Please also let your two young gentlemen know how much we enjoyed them playing for us. Once again thank you,

- P Soutter, 2015

I was thrilled by the performance of Apple Ida and her Cider Press Band at my garden party 10 days ago. The lead singer, Apple Ida herself, is both stylish and sophisticated, and a very fair facsimile of a 1920s jazz supremo. I found the rendition of “These Foolish Things” more then just evocative, it was transformative to an earlier era. If I had to use one word to sum up the performance, it would be a toss up between 'romantic' and 'seductive', and, whichever came down 'heads', the outcome was intoxicating!
- A Joseph, 2014

Apple Ida and the Cider Press Band performed two sets at the City of Stonnington’s recent event, Spring into Gardening, one on stage and one busking-style set. Their sweet, smooth sounds were just beautiful and they received fantastic feedback from the audience. The musicians were a pleasure to work with – very reliable and flexible to our changing demands on the day. I would highly recommend this band.
- E Doonan, City of Stonnington, 2014

The Bright Young Band played at my Midnight in Paris themed 30th birthday party at a petite French cafe in Smith Street. They brought so much love and energy to my party and my guests were pleasantly surprised by the treat of live entertainment. My only regret is that there was another room I kept getting stuck in which means I missed most of their second set! But my guests couldn't drag themselves away, tapping their feet, enjoying a glass of champagne and canapés surrounded by the lovely music.
- L Morgan, 2014

What a tremendous voice! Erica was the perfect fit for an acoustic rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Dance Me to the End of Love”. We couldn’t think of a better way to accompany our walk down the aisle. Amazing!
- M Stephens and R Flory, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Who plays in the bands? Is it the same musicians every time?

    Our bands are all made up of a core group of musicians who rehearse and play regularly together. The Bright Young Band and Apple Ida are led by vocalist Erica Bramham, and when you book these bands you will always be booking Erica unless you would like a male vocalist instead. The lineup of the rest of the band is not the same for every event, partly because of different instrumentation requests, and also because some musicians might not be available on certain dates.

    We take immense pride in our musicality, and only engage professional, high quality musicians for all our bands. It's stressful and unenjoyable for us to be playing with sub-standard musicians, so we have a small contact list of fantastic, reliable players we book from. So although the band at your event may not be made up of the exact musicians you hear on our recordings or see in our videos, they will still sound just as great.

  2. Do the bands play showcases?

    We don't play regular weekly showcases like some other wedding bands, as we are all professional working musicians with our own original music projects to keep us busy throughout the week. Our audio recordings are a very accurate representation of what the bands will sound like at your event, as they were all recorded live in a studio with no extra sneaky bits added in during mixing.

    We are currently putting together videos of all our bands so you can watch them in action, but in the meantime if you would like to see one of our bands perform live before making a booking please contact us and we'll be happy to arrange a private viewing.

  3. What songs will the bands play? Can I request special songs for my wedding ceremony and first dance? What happens when the band are having a break?

    Our bands have specific but extensive setlists they play from. Apple Ida plays old school jazz classics from the 1920s to the 1940s, the Bright Young Band play jazz, soul and pop favourites, and Blue Nile play instrumental jazz, soul and latin tunes. Our bands sound best when playing the tunes they know and have rehearsed together, so we only make small deviations from our usual sets.

    For wedding bookings our basic package includes the band learning up to three extra songs from outside their regular setlist. This usually covers special requests for your walk down the aisle, register signing and first dance. If you book Apple Ida these songs will generally be played in a vintage jazz style, which can make for some fun and unexpected arrangements of modern pop tunes. Any extra song requests incur a small additional charge to cover the time spent learning and rehearsing the songs.

    During the band's set breaks your venue will often have their own background music playing. If not, the band will play some tasteful tunes from an iPod through their PA.

  4. Can I dictate the band's setlist for the event?

    Our bands are happy to play special requests for your wedding ceremony, first dance or a key part of your function, and these will be discussed prior to your event. The rest of the music is left up to the bands, who are all really great at reading a room. We always prefer to feel our way through an event and respond to the mood of a crowd, which lets us remain flexible should there be any unexpected changes or hiccups in the event proceedings. You're welcome to pick favourite tunes from our setlist in advance, which will be prioritised in our set and played at appropriate times during your event.

  5. How long will the band play for?

    Our bands play 45 minute sets with short breaks in between, plus longer breaks for any speeches or other official business.

    For corporate functions and and parties we usually play 1 - 4 sets of background music depending on your budget and the length of your event.

    For a full wedding reception we usually play two softer background sets during canapés and meals and then two dance sets after meals, but we tailor our performance to fit in with your schedule.

  6. Can the band play at my wedding ceremony?

    Of course. There is a small additional charge per musician for playing at your ceremony, and most couples opt for a more intimate duo or trio with the full band joining for the reception.

  7. Do I have to provide food and drinks for the band?

    For longer events such as wedding receptions or corporate functions of more than two hours the band will need at least non alcoholic refreshments, and preferably a meal. Most events take place over lunch or dinner, and there is not usually an opportunity for the band to leave and grab a bite to eat somewhere between sets. Most venues and catering companies will offer staff meals at a reasonable price.

  8. How far will the band travel?

    We are happy to travel across Victoria, and charge a travel fee per musician for locations 50km or further from Melbourne CBD. For locations 200km or further from Melbourne we also charge for accommodation for the band. We can also travel interstate, with travel and accommodation fees negotiated with you. All our travel and accommodation charges are reasonable, we're happy to share rooms and haven't developed a taste for travel via private plane quite yet.

  9. Can you MC our wedding?

    Definitely. We charge a bit extra for this, but a lot of couples choose to have our band MC the night to take the pressure off their bridal party.

  10. What will the band wear?

    The band will fit into your event's dress code, but usually the boys are in suits and the girls in cocktail attire. We can dress in black tie for ultra formal events, or smart casual for more relaxed occasions. Apple Ida performs in vintage attire to bring some 1920s flair to your event.

  11. Will the band bring their own equipment? Do they need power? Can we use the band's microphone for our speeches?

    When you have booked a band with a vocalist we provide a high quality vocal PA, and the instrumentalists will bring their own amps and other equipment. You are welcome to use the vocalist's microphone and PA for your speeches, but the band will begin packing up after they have finished their final set. If you require use of the microphone after this time there is a small additional charge for one of the band members to stay and pack up the PA once you're done. Our instrumental band doesn't usually bring a microphone with them, but we can arrange one for a small fee.

    We require access to power, but will provide our own extension leads and power boards. For outdoor events without any power access we can arrange a generator for an extra fee. In some cases the band can play acoustically outdoors, but we don't recommend it unless it's background music in a sheltered spot.

  12. What's the deal with Apple Ida's charleston lessons?

    Glad you asked. We've found that unlike well known party tunes, people don't quite know what to do with themselves when faced with 1920s jazz on a dance floor. The charleston lesson runs for about half an hour, with Apple Ida instructing your guests in a small but powerful package of authentic 1920s dance moves that they can have fun practicing for the rest of the evening. It's a great ice breaker, and the perfect way to get people out of their chairs once the evening's formalities have ended.

  13. Can you play a hora?

    Hell yeah! We love a good hora. We usually play the old faithful Hava Nagila, but if there's another Jewish folk tune you'd prefer simply let us know and we can learn it for the occasion.

Another question? Email or contact Erica on 0405 187 173.



Wedding ceremonies from $115 · Wedding receptions from $920 · Corporate events & parties from $195

Our pricing is determined by the size of the band, length of performance and distance travelled from Melbourne CBD. Because we are run by the musicians who play the gigs we don't have to take a large agency commission on top of our performance fees. This allows us to remain very competitive on price while still paying the musicians what they deserve for their time and skill. So in the end everyone wins.

Every event is different, so instead of listing our prices here we prefer to draft up a detailed quote so you know how much you'll actually be spending. This quote includes all travel, PA hire and other incidental charges in addition to our performance fees. There's absolutely no obligation to book a band once you receive a quote, but if you do decide to go ahead we take a 25% deposit to secure the date with the remainder of the fee due 14 days prior to the event.

For a quote email or contact Erica on 0405 187 173.


Erica Bramham - Director, Vocalist, Band Leader

An engaging and diverse performer, Erica Bramham is an accomplished vocalist, guitarist and composer from Melbourne, Australia. She launched Bright Young Music in 2014 after several years of wedding and corporate function gigging, realising there was a place in the market for a high quality, musician-led entertainment agency.

Her focus for Bright Young Music is to provide an exceptional, personalised entertainment service, while ensuring the musicians who do the hard work are adequately compensated for their skill and time.

As well as running Bright Young Music, Erica performs with her own contemporary jazz trio, and curates the SoSoSo Salon, a songwriting collective that meets regularly for workshops and showcase performances.

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To discuss how Bright Young Music can add some colour to your event, email or call Erica on 0405 187 173.